Smok 3d Product Rendering Animation

Here I present you, a project of 3d visualization and rendering of animation of a product, in this case it is the vaper mark Smok model Species. We were contacted by the company Smok to make a video and high-quality renders of one of its products, the species model.

This project was very entertaining due to the multiple animations and 3d simulations that it includes in the final rendering, In addition to a great post-production work of high level to achieve the real photo result.

As always, matches CAD information supplied by the client, then adjust and manipulate to achieve a clean and error-free 3d base model to apply real photo materials and textures and give it its final photorealistic look.

In this project, in addition to the video, we supply a large number of high definition static images and renders for use in promotions on social networks, websites and more.

The company Smok, supported in our work to express the basic functions of your product and an exploded mode view so that you can appreciate the internal parts and the great engineering that there is beyond what we can see outside the product.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote, and if you want to know more about Smoke, Species you can visit their website

Thank you.

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