Gym 3d

Gymasio made from blueprints and 2d architectural blueprints made with autocad with real measurements of the project, which is a sports training center to be built.
With these tools of renderings and real photo design our clients could have an exact idea of how their design will look before being built, thus being able to promote this space in both digital and printed media.

For this project we use 3d technology to recreate from CAD information a virtual space with specific measurements and exact materials to be used such as: color and texture of the walls, electronic equipment, entrance lobby, furniture, and of course the equipment for different exercises such as weights, cardio, and others.
The renders and all the work applied were of great emotion for our clients since these renderings show with great accuracy their idea of gymnasium, besides being able to have a real perception of the space to use.
They are delighted with the materials applied and location of all the furniture as they can provide a complete solution in the subject of sports training.

Like almost all our projects, we start with 2D plans with space measurements, we transport these measurements and plans to 3d design programs and edition of images and videos to start with the reproduction of these through 3d techniques, we install windows, entrances, bases and other pieces of architecture, to then start with the global lighting of the environment and be able to simulate with the greatest possible precision the real states of the area and location adding also real exterior architectural pieces such as buildings, houses, and others.
Then we start with CAD information from plans and blueprints, the modeling of both electronic equipment and exercise machines, according to the requests of our customers to recreate these in a virtual 3d file, then apply textures of high graphic quality to achieve the greatest realism in our renderings.

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