Here the rendering of a gamer chair dxracer mark.
Modeled in 3D with great similitus to the original, this chair was developed by the prestigious company DXRACER to achieve the greatest possible comfort when using the computer or PC.
This 3d model was based on accurate CAD information, then raised in 3d using polygonal modeling techniques, capturing every detail with great realism and precision in size.

The blueprint and blueprints were the first stage of preparation of the models, then the 3d modeling of key parts such as the seat and back then going through the characteristic features of this gamer chair as the back and seat height adjusters, then we go to the texturing part creating high quality materials for them, elaborated and configured by us to achieve the desired leather finish and the different types of plastics that this chair has.
This model and rendering is to show you our ability to work with renderings of high quality products, we can also make videos explaining functions of their products in addition to cutting videos to see all its parts separately.

For our projects we use the highest quality textures, calibrated to perfection with image editing software to achieve the highest possible resolution and provide a hyper real experience in our 3d models to such an extent that they look real.
Below you can see a comparison between CGI vs Wireframe.
Contact us today if you want to make a series of renderings for your product, and count on us to make demonstrative videos of both the interior and exterior of your pieces and operation.

Thank you for watching this post, we will soon be publishing a product renderings with video of demonstration of its functions and internal cutting of high quality, thanks to techniques of modeling and 3d rendering you can make accurate models of your products and put them to work as they would in a certain function but with the advantage that being 3d can see the whole process, which would be practically impossible with the actual piece or product, a greeting.
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