Asmacati CC Exterior Rendering

Asmacati is a shopping center for various purchases located in Turkey.

This is a Personal project for our gallery of High Quality and Visual Impact Exteriors.

As always our first phases were the precise and exhaustive study of the CAD drawings, made with AutoCAD, as many in its views Plants as lateral cuts, stairs, water system, electrical system, emergency exits, organization of inputs and outputs of the center .

With a large number of different shops, gymnasium, food fair, restaurants and many green areas for family entertainment.

Modeling and extruded 3d we do with 3ds max, to achieve the greatest possible similarity in size and shape. The materials were configured according to our rendering engine, thus creating real surfaces in the final renderings.

As usual, we did an extensive post-production work to correct the images generated by renders such as the final color, adjustment of some materials and the global illumination of this scene.

All 3d models were designed separately, both the windows, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, slabs, foundations and other architectural objects to then join them in their precise location.

Below are some renderings of the final project of 3d visualization of this shopping center.

Here are some images of the 2d blueprint on which we rely to make this 3d visualization.

The green areas, residential areas nearby are only reference to make this visualization, which were also included in the post production of these 3d architectural renders, only in order to improve the final vision of the project.

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